The Magnificent Greek Columns Collection

With a legacy stretching far beyond antiquity and, independent of the structures they support,
Greek columns are celebrated as works of art in their own right.

This collection has been inspired by the wondrous designs of the Ancient Greek Columns, the most
recognisable feature of Greek heritage. Known for their proportional design, symmetry, harmony, and
balance, Greek columns have been classified within three architectural orders – Doric, lonic, and Corinthian. 
The orders differ in the shapes of the columns and decoration of the capital.

Presented in minimalist design, these functional and decorative objects will bring home memories of Greece.


Elegant and convenient decorative boxes, made of premium grade acrylic.
Refined and functional keepsakes to complement contemporary home or office settings.
The Magnificent Greek Columns boxes are imprinted on the lid.       Learn more about this product here.


Useful, durable drink coasters made of premium grade acrylic with colour veneer insert. 
The groove base protects surfaces from spilling, rings and condensation marks. 
Laser engraved with the Magnificent Greek Columns.       Learn more about this product here.


Practical paperweight to keep important pages, receipts and memos in place at the office or at home. 
Expertly crafted in premium-grade acrylic.
The Magnificent Greek Columns are imprinted on the top.       
Learn more about this product here.